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NASTY Publications

NASTY: Fetish Fights BackNASTY: Fetish Fights Back launches SPRING 2017. 

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What is NASTY?

NASTY formed as a result of the #NastyWoman movement after President Trump’s unfortunate comments. These comments combined with a growing anti-gay sentiment, which has been exemplified by the horrid Orlando shooting, are making people less comfortable with their sexuality and ultimately themselves. To protect the mental and physical stability of these individuals is NASTY, an acceptance-focused movement specializing in published erotica.

What are we creating?

To build a feeling of acceptance, NASTY has created a compilation of the best fetish erotica it can find. This diverse collection of works comes from acclaimed authors like Selena Kitt, Gemma Files, and Lucy A. Snyder as well an open submission call. This variety will ensure every reader will be able to find something to their specific liking as well as a few new ideas.

To further the impact of NASTY: Fetish Fights Back, NASTY has pledged to donate one fifth of all profits to Planned Parenthood.  

Call toll-free 1-800-230-PLAN for the center nearest you. 

Courtesy of Planned Parenthood.  


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