Succeed at Kickstarter Without Really Trying

NASTY is running a Kickstarter campaign, but this is not the “How to Succeed at Kickstarter” video you were looking for.

You might have heard us mention it a time or two. (AHEM… here’s the link) So we’ve done our research. Watched a shit-ton of “How to Blast a Quid of Dough From Your Friends Without Begging” videos. Read more vague-blogposts than you can shake a shake-weight at without getting arm jiggles. And then, we put our skills to the test in the Kickstarter LIVESTREAM ARENA.

Actually, Chris and I were putzing around on Facebook trying not to obsessively check the Backer Dashboard and thought it might be cool to push buttons.

Obviously, Chris pushed the wrong one.


So for Chris’s sake, and all the rest of us here at NASTY, for the love of sweet baby bunnies in a breadbasket, we need you to schlep your heinies (I know, I know, dirtiest word ever for ASS but I’m Southern) over to Kickstarter and keep pushing that damned Pledge button.

Otherwise, we’re going live again on Wednesday night, December 7th, at 9pm EST…and you can only imagine what kind of epic shit-show that’s going to be.

So push that button.

cartoon man pushes wrong buttons on airplane




Human belly button with a piercing
Seriously. Push it.


Until then, stay NASTY.


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