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What is NASTY?

NASTY formed as a result of the #NastyWoman movement after President Trump’s unfortunate comments. These comments combined with a growing anti-gay sentiment, which has been exemplified by the horrid Orlando shooting, are making people less comfortable with their sexuality and ultimately themselves. To protect the mental and physical stability of these individuals is NASTY, an acceptance-focused movement specializing in published erotica.

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Why does NASTY matter?
On January 24, 2017, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy (International Gag Rule) barring non-governmental agencies that perform or promote abortions from receiving federal funds. It also limits discussion of condom use/HIV prevention & of multiyear pregnancy spacing to prevent maternal death. 

Sexuality shouldn’t be a death sentence.

Internationally and in the U.S., women don’t always have the option of refusing sex — either through stranger, partner, or marital rape. Through education, proper resources, and support, we must work to change the beliefs and behaviors that allow this to happen.

What are we creating?

To build a feeling of acceptance, NASTY has created a compilation of the best fetish erotica it can find. This diverse collection of works comes from acclaimed authors like Selena Kitt, Gemma Files, and Lucy A. Snyder as well an open submission call. This variety will ensure every reader will be able to find something to their specific liking as well as a few new ideas.

Create A Better World
To further the impact of NASTY: Fetish Fights Back,
NASTY has pledged to donate one fifth of all profits to Planned Parenthood.
Provide educational programs and outreach to 1.5 million young people & adults in a single year 
Birth Control & Family Planning
80% of patients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy or family planning
 Cancer Detection & Screening
Provides more than 270,000 Pap tests & more than 360,000 breast exams in a single year, critical services in detecting cancer
STD Tests & Treatment
Provides more than 4.2 million tests & treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including more than 650,000 HIV tests 
Information courtesy of Planned Parenthood.  Call toll-free 1-800-230-PLAN for the center nearest you.
The Creators of NASTY
Anna Yeatts is the Publisher of Flash Fiction Online, one of the largest & oldest venues for short-short fiction.
Her short fiction has appeared in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine ShowDaily Science FictionPenumbra, Mslexia, & Cicada, among other publications. Follow her at or on Twitter @AnnaYeatts.
Chris Phillips is the Managing Editor of Flash Fiction Online. 
His work has appeared in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show (issues 48 & 52), Apex Magazine, Penumbra eMag, Sci Phi Journal, and elsewhere. Chris holds an English degree from The Ohio State Univesity and an MFA from Seton Hill University.
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